Urgent – Support needed for Car Club space in Beaumont Street

Please act now to help secure the planned parking space for the second Hexham Car Club car. It is easy to do, simply follow this link and do so ASAP, Wednesday is the deadline http://trafficconsult.northumberland.gov.uk/

Your help is even more important now as apparently the Town Council have not given their support to Beaumont Street and have suggested behind Prospect House instead. The aim is for a convenient and visible   town centre place for Car Club members as an alternative to the Wentworth based car. Prospect House does not give the visibility to the car club that was intended from the Beaumont Street space. For information, this application dates back to May 2013 when site visits were done with the NCC officer looking specifically at sites nearer the town centre as an alternative to the Wentworth car.

The Car Club has been supported financially by the County Council working with us at Transition Tynedale and with Co-Wheels, there are already some 20 members and we all wish is to continue to grow and succeed. Please support this application. Thank you!

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