The EU again.

If you have fed in to this consultation please resubmit.

Last Thursday, tens of thousands of 38 Degrees members fed into an EU consultation on TTIP – the trade deal that would enshrine privatization of the NHS and allow big corporations to sue our government. But the numbers of us writing in caused ‘technical problems’ and their site crashed.

25,000 submissions were saved by the office team while the site was down. We’ve asked them to accept these responses in bulk, but they’ve refused. They’ll have to be re-entered, one by-one.

The TTIP team seemed shocked by how strongly we feel. They obviously hadn’t expected so many of the public to feed into their public consultation. They extended the consultation deadline – but we only have a few days left until it closes for good.

Can you add your voice to the consultation before it closes? We’ve only got until Sunday. Will you tell the negotiating team that you don’t think corporations should be able to sue governments?

Click here to write to the TTIP team. There are tips on the page that will help you with what to say – it should only take a couple of minutes to email them:

David G

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