Hexham Pants

Hexham Pants
A small subgroup of TT are getting a new project off the ground, and it has nothing to do with underwear…

Vision: A network of new water refill stations and historic ‘Pants’ in Hexham which are a source of civic pride, a useful new service for locals and visitors, and a mechanism for reducing waste from single-use plastic bottles.

1. To refurbish and repurpose the historic Hexham Pants to be part of a network of public water refill stations
2. To install new water-refill stations in strategic locations for both visitors and residents, to high design standards
3. To promote this network to visitors and residents to help reduce the use of single -use plastic bottles and to raise pride in our public realm
Anyone interested in joining us do get in touch.  Although the initial stages would focus on Hexham, we’d love to make this more of a Tynedale-wide project.
Email Pixie info@transitiontynedale.org

Market Place pant