Rake and Cake

At Hexham Community Garden

Saturday 30th October 10.00 – 13.00

  • Do you know about the Hexham Community Garden?
  • Want to find out more?
  • Need a bit of Saturday morning exercise?
  • Like cake?

Come along to find out more!

Hexham Community Garden – below the old Hexham Middle School, near Di and Jims Nursery. Follow the signs to Rake and Cake at the Community Garden.

Edible Hexham

– local growing, great eating! 

Walk and eat your way around Hexham, be inspired to grow your own and help reduce food miles. That’s the message in our new ‘Edible Hexham Trail’. The easy three kilometre (two mile) trail mixes local food history with a walk around all the Edible Hexham beds and the Community Garden. You can pick up recipes using locally grown ingredients on the way and there’s also an extension that takes you to Tyne Green and the Community Orchard. The trail is being launched at the Hexham Farmers Market this Saturday, 1th September as part of Heritage Open Days.   

The Edible Hexham beds dotted around the town are managed by Transition Tynedale volunteers and everyone is invited to pick and use the various leaves, herbs and fruit that grow in them. With climate change and potential food shortages increasingly on the agenda, the Transition Tynedale team suggest that it is more important than ever to think and grow local as much as we can. The Edible Hexham beds and the Community Garden give examples of what can be grown right here, even in small spaces. 

The Edible Hexham Trail
The Orchard Walk

Recipes created for Transition Tynedale by Jane Torday, local food writer, take things one step further and give some great ideas for using those herbs and leaves. 

Why wait, download your copy of the Trail and Recipes and get started now!

Autumn Events 2021

Some good things coming up from Transition Tynedale – a brief update

  • Edible Hexham and Heritage Open days – Market stall Saturday 11th September

This Saturday! Market Stall promoting our new Edible Hexham Trail, a lovely local walk. Come along to get your copy and find out more. So important to do all we can to encourage local growing and reduce those food miles. Also find out about what the Hexham Community Partnership has pulled together for the week of Heritage Open Days

Contact Jane to offer help with the stall

  • Transition Tynedale open meeting – Thursday 16th September, 7.30, Forum Cinema

It’s been a long time since we’ve met for real inside! Come along, all welcome

  • Apple Pressing – at the Market Saturday 9th October

Another welcome return. We will be pressing apples, talking apples and creating lovely local apple juice. Contact Megan about apple donations and help with the stall or bring apples along on the day.


Thanks all and hope to see you at one of these soon

Plant Swap Event- May 22 2021

Our annual plant swap stall at the Hexham Farmers Market will this year be on May 22nd from 9am-1.30pm. Bring along any spare veg or fruit seedlings, seeds or pollinator plants to the stall to swap with something you don’t have; please label plants with the variety.  This is a good chance to try something new or replace failed crops, you never know what you might find…  If you have nothing to swap don’t worry – just leave a small donation – all proceeds to go to the Food Bank!   If you can’t make the date you can drop plants at Chris & Megan’s house any time during the week before (Barrowden, Osborne Avenue, NE46 3JN – just leave on the driveway).  We will also need willing volunteers to help on the day – no expertise required though keen gardeners are always helpful to answer those tricky questions!

We are greatly looking forward to this event, particularly with the Covid related hiatus of last year. 


Swift talk – tonight!

Tues 6th April, 8pm – 9pm, Transition Tynedale Talk: Hexham Swift ProjectKeith Buchanan will introduce our latest project: Hexham Swift Heaven, aiming to increase the population of swifts around Hexham. Find out why swifts are so special, why they are in trouble and what Hexham is doing about it!Zoom link: https://bit.ly/3er9UIS Passcode: swifts

Hexham Space for Nature wins Environmental Award

Some brilliant news for Hexham Space for Nature! At the meeting of Hexham Town Council on 8 March 2021, the Mayor, Councillor Bob Hull, made his 2021 Environment Award to the community organisation Hexham Space for Nature, part of Transition Tynedale, in recognition of their work in raising awareness of the importance of wildlife and nature in the green spaces of Hexham. Volunteers had planted wildflowers on the West Road entrance to the town in cooperation with the Town Council as well as planting wildflowers around the edge of The Sele.

In giving the award, Councillor Hull said: 

This award for 2021 goes to Hexham Space for Nature, part of Transition Tynedale, whose expert volunteers have worked with both the Town Council and indeed the County Council to try to make Hexham’s residents more aware of the importance of wildlife and nature for the town’s open spaces and gardens and including the Sele and the Abbey Grounds. In the case of the Sele volunteers have planted wild flower plugs along its edges and we should see more evidence of their labours very soon. In addition they have worked with the Town Council on the road verges on the West Road leading into the town with the aim of making a wild flower haven and display and reducing the cutting of those verges. Again volunteers last year planted wild flower plugs to enhance that entrance to the town. Currently Hexham Space for Nature is also looking at possibilities for actions in relation to our award winning Cemetery. All of this is in line with the recommendations in the Hexham Neighbourhood Plan.

I am delighted therefore to make this Award and to thank Hexham Space for Nature’s volunteers for their work to improve the biodiversity credential of the town in the years ahead. Andy Lees who is one of the key volunteers is with us tonight and I hope to be able to present him with the Award certificate later this week.”

Congratulations to Andy and all the Space for Nature team!

Transition Tyndale project leader Walks for Water

Some of you may have read the article in last week’s Courant about Rosemary Theobalds sponsored 400,000 step walk during lent to raise funds for water in developing countries. She has already raised over £1000 and we would ask you to consider supporting her efforts because otherwise so many children will die each day without clean water…


Projects, talks and meetings!

Projects are progressing despite lockdown- come along to our next open meeting to find out more, chip in with your thoughts and ideas.
Thursday 18th February, 7.30 by Zoom, link below. 

For info – here’s the video of the January talk on Green Grants and Air Source Heat Pumps, a local resident’s perspective. Many thanks to Mike for presenting and sharing his experience with TT https://youtu.be/CkbasVPy89o

And here’s the link to Northumberland County Council’s Climate Q&A session – some good stuff here too, maybe we can pick up on some of that in the meeting https://youtu.be/DaKU1GHLR9U

We know Zoom isn’t for everyone but it is better than nothing in times of lockdown. It would be great see you, whether you are a regular attender of meetings or if this will be your first, put the 18th Feb in your diary now. 

Meeting ID: 873 1625 7424
Passcode: N2pkd3

We are always contactable contact via info@transitiontynedale.org if you have any ideas, suggestions or questions. 

Transition Tynedale Special Talks

Green Grants and Air Source Heat Pumps
Transition Tynedale is inviting you to a free zoom talk by a local resident this Wednesday 20th Jan, 8-9pm:


Everyone welcome! It should be a great insight from a local perspective.NB: both grants have been extended to both end on March 2022.Agenda:Green Grants available Achieving carbon net zero by switching to an air source heat pump. What about hydrogen heating boilers and other optionsBenefitsHow to applyPros and Cons and my experience of switchingWhere to get help
PS:. If you have not already done so, do sign up to the Transition Tynedale newsletter now via the website contact page https://blog.transitiontynedale.org/about/contact-us/

Hopefully this will be the first of many talks on different subjects in 2021!