Making the most of England’s growing love affair with cycling

The rapidly growing cycling market is expected to be worth £3bn by 2015, representing an incredible opportunity for accommodation providers (and all associated businesses). The 2014 Tour de France Grand Depart from Yorkshire was just one of the fantastic opportunities for operators locally and nationally.
Increasingly, cyclists of all ages want to explore the most beautiful parts of the country, discovering routes that push them to the limit or just let them enjoy the landscape at a more leisurely pace. To tap into this growing profitable market, (your) products and services must be perfectly in tune with the demands of cyclists on the move.
(There is) a healthy investment in England’s cycling infrastructure with the Department for Transport aiming to spend £148m before 2015. The legacy of London 2012 is seeing impressive facilities, such as the recently opened Lee Valley VeloPark, make cycling accessible to clubs and individuals of all ages. Seaside towns are creating promenades with dedicated cycle tracks, National Parks are investing £12m in cycle paths and new city-centre cycle hubs are in the pipeline up and down the country.

Visit England: Quality Edge Issue 19 – page 16

One thought on “Making the most of England’s growing love affair with cycling

  1. Any progress on getting dedicated cycle lanes on some roads around Hexham ? I was driving from Hexham to Corbridge recently along the A695 (?) from the hospital to Dilston bridge and thought the empty pavement beside the road would make a good cycle path. Sue

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