Swift talk – tonight!

Tues 6th April, 8pm – 9pm, Transition Tynedale Talk: Hexham Swift ProjectKeith Buchanan will introduce our latest project: Hexham Swift Heaven, aiming to increase the population of swifts around Hexham. Find out why swifts are so special, why they are in trouble and what Hexham is doing about it!Zoom link: https://bit.ly/3er9UIS Passcode: swifts

Urgent – Support needed for Car Club space in Beaumont Street

Please act now to help secure the planned parking space for the second Hexham Car Club car. It is easy to do, simply follow this link and do so ASAP, Wednesday is the deadline http://trafficconsult.northumberland.gov.uk/

Your help is even more important now as apparently the Town Council have not given their support to Beaumont Street and have suggested behind Prospect House instead. The aim is for a convenient and visible   town centre place for Car Club members as an alternative to the Wentworth based car. Prospect House does not give the visibility to the car club that was intended from the Beaumont Street space. For information, this application dates back to May 2013 when site visits were done with the NCC officer looking specifically at sites nearer the town centre as an alternative to the Wentworth car.

The Car Club has been supported financially by the County Council working with us at Transition Tynedale and with Co-Wheels, there are already some 20 members and we all wish is to continue to grow and succeed. Please support this application. Thank you!

Support town centre parking for Car Club

The County Council have issued a Traffic Regulation Order that would create a dedicated space in Beaumont Street for one of the Hexham Car Club cars. This is great news and means that we would have a highly visible and accessible parking space right in the town centre. We’ve been working with the County on this for some time. Do support it by visiting http://trafficconsult.northumberland.gov.uk/

One of the cars, the Toyota Prius will remain at the electric charge point in the Wentworth car park. The Yaris will move from its temporary home at the Masonic car park. There will be winners and losers of course on the distance from home (sorry to those West End members and good news for those others!) but it was only a short term arrangement, isn’t that much further and overall the Beaumont Street space, near the statue should work well for all.

Contact Co-Wheels to find out more and have a go http://www.co-wheels.org.uk 01913751050. Remember to use the Transition code when you join to get free membership and some driving credit.

Car number two now up in town

The Car club’s second car, the Toyota Yaris is now here and parked up just past the police station while we wait for town centre parking to be sorted for it. So we now have the Prius down in the Wentworth and the Yaris at the top of town both available for car club members.  More information from http://www.co-wheels.org.uk , 01913751050 and don’t forget to enter the code ‘Transition’ when you join to get the free membership and your £20 driving credit. A quote from one of our members…”the car club has been an absolute godsend for me over the past few weeks”. Find out more and try it for yourself.

Hexham Car Club

Our second car will be ariving soon giving a choice of either the amazing electric plug in Prius or a more conventional Yaris for Car Club members. Contact Co-Wheels www.co-wheels.org.uk 01913751050 to join or find out more. And dont forget to quote the code ‘Transition’ when you join to get free membership and your driving credit!

Hexham Car Club

Car club happening  in Hexham

The car club will be up and running soon. Transition Tynedale, working with the social enterprise company Co-Wheels has secured capital funding from Northumberland County Council. Two of the most environmentally friendly cars on the road will be available for car club members to book online 24/7 and drive away from designated parking bays in the Wentworth car park and the town centre.  One of the cars will be an electric / diesel hybrid car and the other a regular hybrid car.

Members can join the car club for just £25.00 per year and are billed every month for their usage. Charges are by the hour with an overnight and 24 hour maximum rate.  All fuel, tax, insurance and maintenance costs are covered in the car club charges. Members can also use any other Co-wheels car across the country. For further information about how it will work see out frequently asked questions

FAQ’s or visit


There is already interest in joining the car club. For those without a car it offers convenience and flexibility. Others recognise the considerable savings the car club represents for households choosing to give up a second car.

For further information contact info@co-wheels.org.uk or info@transitiontynedale.org