“The Early bird may catch the worm”

Congratulations to Sue Hick for engaging the owners of the workhouse site at an early stage and getting on the radar fruit trees and even a possible community space/garden.

This is the ideal stage to engage with possible developers about ideas for the future. Society and groups often complain at the planning and consultation stage when its often to late to influence any change.

Hexham Town Council is moving towards Local Planning which is an opportunity for TT to influence the adoption of Sustainability, Resilience and “Green” issues in planning law.

So its “Hats Off” to Sue Hick

3 thoughts on ““The Early bird may catch the worm”

  1. Hi ! You must congratulate Wendy more than me – she was the one who suggested it ! So ‘hats off to Wendy !’
    Any more developments we can write to ? I’m sure the energy group and transport groups can have their input too …


  2. Hi
    This type of action I have always backed. Yes all TT groups should do this. I sugested solar on the Railway goods yard but of course it was not met with a good response because people were opposed to retail on that site. You could say that sugesting fruit frees at the workhouse site is encouraging developement of that site!!.
    But getting the sustainability in early is good.
    I try to keep my eyes open for the chance but its best before the planning stage.
    Hopefully TT has the chance to influence HTC local planning then Sustainability, Energy, Transport and Food are on the developers radar before the scheme goes to planning.

  3. I agree with the input at the initial planning stage too. In fact sustainability should be fully incorporated at every stage of the process – unfortunately its often only given ‘lip service’ though !

    Good luck with influencing the HTC !


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