“Hexham Town Council just does not get it”.

The Town Council objected to the possible Car club space in Beaumont street and had suggested behind Prospect House or at Losing Hill. Prospect House is not an inviting area at night with public protection issues and Loosing Hill being ear marked for the possible Bus Station so may not be a long term prospect.

At the September meeting of the Town Council in correspondence the Council was informed that the Car Club car space had gained permission from Northumberland County Council to use a dedicated space on Beaumont Street.

Our Mayor immediately said “How can Northumberland County Council go against our recommendation, we have more weight than the public response” which is in favour of Beaumont Street. “The Car Club is a private club that people pay for”.

The majority of our elected Town Council agreed and have instructed the Clerk to make a strong worded response. The Minority in the Council were marked by their lack of response.

The Council have missed the fact that a visible Car Club Car is an educational talking point for people, a visible alternative to Car ownership, removes some cars from our crowded Hexham streets and reduces emissions in our town centre.

In my opinion it is sad that the Car Club is being used as a pawn in the wider political arena.

I say “bring on the Green Town Counsellors next Local Election”.

2 thoughts on ““Hexham Town Council just does not get it”.

  1. Of course you all can write to the Town Council to object to the sending of a letter to the Northumberland County Council.

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