Removing white lines from roads

Removing white lines from roads isn’t new but it still challenges lots of people even though the benefits are proven.

Hopefully NCC will agree to do this at selected / recommended locations in Tynedale. It is cheap and it is effective and would greatly benefit utility cycling AND cycle tourism by slowing down traffic, reducing actual incidents and potential injuries and increase cycling as cyclists gradually begin to feel safer. This in turn will further increase cyclists plus the fact from day one it will send out a message that cyclists are valued.

NCC’s blurb says it is open to consider removing white lines but the time is well overdue for action to back up fine words. This really does work!  For more info see:

Click to access centre-line-removal-trial.pdf

Corbridge Road - ACL singular Look what could be so easily achieved heading eastward out of Corbridge!

One thought on “Removing white lines from roads

  1. David G has sent a neutral comment to Northumberland County Council re the Fourstones Biogester to get a planning gain if the scheme gets the go ahead. Reline the hill out of fourstones and some money towards signage.
    This area has four cycle routes including Ted’s new Sandstone Way

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