Transition Tynedale Think Tank (4T) or coffee!!!!!

A group that debates, discusses and researches where the Transition network, peak oil, climate change and the economic system has come from, where we are now, and where we can go in the future.

Take action by lobbying and talking to local government and organisations to encourage policy and planning decisions that progresses the aims of TT.

Example’s of what TT’ers may wish to discuss and other ideas would be welcome.

Watch and discuss short films and video clips and listen to radio programs.

TEDS talk,s Costing the earth

Local guest speakers

Head of planning NCC to talk about sustainable development, Greenpeace spokesperson.

Visits to local example projects and industry.

Egger, The first passive house in Northumberland

Debates and discussions

How peak oil theory was formed?, What is an Energy decent Plan?, What can local government do?, What ideas have failed and what can we learn for possible future action, Is national government policy moving in the right direction? How does OPEC, and world wide decisions effect us locally.


The Northumberland Core Strategy is being finalised now. Can TT influence the strategy towards the TT aims and objectives., Encourage more sustainable local policy’s and monitor their effectiveness.

Let me know what you think.

David Grundey

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