Articles and Members

The open discussion on our objectives within TT was a great success. There was plenty of lively debate, and we all came to a consensus.

We are going to have a further meeting on 17th October at Scott’s Cafe in the Forum Cinema. This is to agree on our articles of association and terms of reference; which covers how we operate while keeping our liability limited, our activities insured and everyone safe. These need to be agreed upon and in particular:

  • Directorship (how to become one, how long to serve, responsibilities)
  • Membership (how to become one, how to administer the list, rights)
  • How projects/groups operate within a structure that protects all members and serves our objectives.
  • Decision making (who makes decisions and about what)
  • Finance (who controls the purse strings – linked to decision making)

We thought it would be a good idea for each of us to reflect on our past activities within TT so that we can decide how we want to operate in future. For instance, we’ve recently done apple picking and pressing. This required insurance cover, risk assessment, and money to be spent. How should we approach this obligations and duties?

If you’re coming along on the 17th, please spare some time to have a think about this, and maybe we could use real world examples of what we actually do to define how we want to do them in future, taking into account our financial, legal and health and safety obligations.

Please reach out to any of the current directors (Gillian, Ross, Wendy, Tim, Megan) if you can’t make any of the above dates but would like to input to the process. Email the usual address ( and mark it for their attention, or reach out directly.

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