Hexham Transition – The Fool Returns


Spring equinox. Time, for shoots of new things to find their way out of the ground…this week.

Hexham has elections coming soon and the fool looked at the possibilities…are they new..?

The town meeting this coming week and all the good people can enter the court of the King….but then walking down any street …in Hexham and it’s silence is deafening during the day.

The Council have realised this ,county and town council Why clean it?…that is why Hexham
town centre looks tatty…no one is using it.

But the fool hears there are people shouting “save our shops”…save our town , put art work in shop windows if they are empty! Let artisans work there …producing whatever for whoever! But if our residents are not there …to look.. well why bother?

The fool was told a memorable thing about his bladder. ..when he was young…the great old fool as teacher offered him his new bladder to beat people with ,in the spring of his youth, and he was told… ” use it or lose it…”

Perhaps that applies to our towns resources?

Uproar …but we do use the town ,we sleep here ,our children school here and we expect everything else will be here when we want it…won’t it?

But then the fool would not be a fool if he got the message even..now would he…he thought as he drank his tea!

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