stop-for-teaThe king looked out from his balcony on his kingdom. How nice it would be to have a new bus station he thought.

But the fool pointed out that the current station had everything his people needed! If the road passing his “mate’s” super store ,Marciano Spensorio, was just adjusted a little bit with the road cutting through to the old bus station. Well then everything could be done for nearly nothing. The people thought with all the other expenses the king had this would be a good idea.

But his officials thought maybe they could earn prestige or something by something elsewhere completely new. So guess what the old king got the bill.

Or at least his people did…they always payed eventually…and when the fool pointed this out even the King thought a bit, about not fixing what was not broken.

So he sent out the fool to stir up the locals to do a demo to tell the officials to get lost…in a round about way that is.

Hexham Transition… A Fool Yet Again

The king thought he might go out for a ride for a change. His horse was ecofriendly?


Maybe? He thought it would please a few people anyway. But at a mound in a field he came up short…his horse that is, and he found himself sat on a pile of dirt. Well he thought it was dirt but in fact as he hit the ground his feet kicked out potatoes.

So he wondered what strange land he had come on that buried spuds in fields …but not to Grow!

A voice said well we used to live in Russia and the peasants taught us to bury spuds there..where was Russia asked the king. Well the voice said it seemed to be anywhere the people could find to sell weapons…

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Hexham Transition… The Fool Weeps Again

The fool realised the King needed to pay debts and fill his treasury…

The king’s no fool of course that’s why he hires a fool.stop-for-tea

So he said

“I appreciate you work hard and I give you things occasionally to encourage you.

So don’t worry about those who say do not consume…it is Christmas and you and my people are only human.

We need to have toys and more so we can generate money to pay for the pensions of those people who only push paper around.

Don’t get me wrong they need what they have too, we all need each other…in fact that is why we all have to help each other rather than wander off,and giving nothing to our local community.

Our Long lost deceased cousin Richard …”Coeur de lion” they called him. Well he spent most of his time spending and travelling elsewhere ,not working for his own country. Henry VIII one of our other predecessors he wasted too, and left us broke.

So let me tell you so you can tell everybody. I recommend you go out this Christmas locally to where you live and spend and have fun and make yourselves the best time you ever had, this will give wealth to your country for the future so we all can continue to give to others next year.

No more travelling 2000 miles to another country for a day’s shopping trip. We love you all and Our foolish friend loves you too. God bless you all. Your mate …the King.”

Discussing the Environment

All are welcome to a discussion group about the environment at the Forum Cinema Caférowan on Thursday 1st at 7pm. I am a 2nd year geography student at Lancaster University investigating the perception of the environment by individuals from community environmental groups, therefore my focus is upon Transition Tynedale. It would be great to get as many members of the group who are willing to discuss their perception of the environment and how it led them to become involved in Transition Tynedale. This discussion will also explore the political motivations as well as the group dynamics and environmental learning involved inside and outside the group. Through this discussion participants should be able to share each other’s knowledge of the environment leading to discussion of future environmental action, etc.

This is an opportunity to discuss your story with Transition Tynedale and learn about other participants experiences of the group and environment. I urge as many to come as possible as my aim is for at least 6 people.

I will also buy drinks throughout the evening for all who partake in the discussion!

Hope to see you at the discussion,

Rowan Jackson (Lancaster University)

Telephone: 07807753217


Hexham Transition… The Fool Weeps Again


The fool played out the game with county planning for six years. The fool realised he had been playing games with his band of supporters for many years. Finally pointing out that what he was doing did not harm anybody and it may just do some good ?

Well he then asked the king if he would tour with him. So the royal train visited Todmorden.

There it seemed that a group of people were just doing and stuff it worked. Children were learning how to live …disciplined and hard working and helping adults in
learning skills to live rather than rely on hand outs…hand ups or all the other stuff the kings bureaucrats offered. They found it worked . In Fact the king loved it and his son said they could go to his place and do it for him!

The king’s no fool of course that’s why he hires a fool.

So the fool said can I send a message out to others and the king said well yes…so 200 French Towns tried it and hundreds of others did too…but the king did find his
bureaucrats did not all like to be toyed with.

Some towns the fools told him would never allow themselves to change. Why would we ever want education …good food, an organised life??

Statistics prove education …good food….rest…and more…means less children, better skills, better discipline, more fulfilment in life for everyone so “why would we want that”…. said the fool? But privately he wept…..

Hexham Transition – The Fool Returns


The fool had old friends contact him this week… twenty years apart and more, and their experience in other parts of the realm are the same. So he said in court…

“Where troops return home they are killing themselves, We are all suffering, all towns say there is no money, and yet we keep these people fighting other people’s wars your majesty”… he told the king/queen.

It must cost in something more than lives?

“Even if people are expendable, could we not do something else with the money?”

The fool was told, “filling our mind with pleasant constructive thoughts is the best way to do things better for our country. Vote in a new group of people who can do that”.

But the fool said “well, is not “peace” a pleasant thought?”

“No” came the answer “that is unpleasant because it is something that can never happen!”

The Fool went back to reading “catch 22” as he drank his tea!

It tasted a little over brewed today!

Hexham Transition – The Fool Returns


Spring equinox. Time, for shoots of new things to find their way out of the ground…this week.

Hexham has elections coming soon and the fool looked at the possibilities…are they new..?

The town meeting this coming week and all the good people can enter the court of the King….but then walking down any street …in Hexham and it’s silence is deafening during the day.

The Council have realised this ,county and town council Why clean it?…that is why Hexham
town centre looks tatty…no one is using it.

But the fool hears there are people shouting “save our shops”…save our town , put art work in shop windows if they are empty! Let artisans work there …producing whatever for whoever! But if our residents are not there …to look.. well why bother?

The fool was told a memorable thing about his bladder. ..when he was young…the great old fool as teacher offered him his new bladder to beat people with ,in the spring of his youth, and he was told… ” use it or lose it…”

Perhaps that applies to our towns resources?

Uproar …but we do use the town ,we sleep here ,our children school here and we expect everything else will be here when we want it…won’t it?

But then the fool would not be a fool if he got the message even..now would he…he thought as he drank his tea!

Hexham Transition – The Fool Returns

The queen added last year.. the Localism act.stop-for-tea

First we have to persuade in all cases that the bureaucrats take up the reins of such law…

Aesop had a tale to tell when he spoke of ‘a wolf in sheepskin clothing’.

One wolf in the last few weeks was the planner who told us that the Railway goods yard was a tasteful and quality project for Hexham.

Look at the evidence…the best bits are being knocked down said the fool.

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Hexham Transition – The Fool Returns

Remember I confessed I was a foolstop-for-tea

And the next round.

This fool offers this…do not suffer him gladly…it keeps him hopping!

History related a few years ago another fool was invited to talk to a group of students.

He suggested feel good, failure free and politically…correct environments do not treat them well.

He suggested, life is not fair and they could work towards it…work.

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Hexham Transition – The Hundred Foot Rule

Alright I confess …(and that is no religious statement)…no no no. I am a fool!stop-for-tea 

There it is and it is out in the open since at last now my Father has been dead nearly thirty years it is safe,

and yes I am a man, it is hard yet easy to be the fool…women say men have to have nice eyes and a sense of humour well how did I do..when your eyes are like mine grass hopper.

That last reference hints at my upbringing yes also I am a baby boomer and there is no greater fool than a Male baby boomer at least a few of us!

Do you know where the phrase “do not suffer fools gladly “came from?

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