talking to candidates

Hi all

David and Barbara are sending an emails to the Leazes Ward candidates. We think it is important to talk with the local politicians as we push the subject of community resilence forward.

Email text below

Transition Tynedale
We are interested in learning more about how local politics work; in particular how we can motivate more people to vote for candidates who support strategies to make our local community more resilient to the financial crisis and diminishing resources.
The Leazes election is interesting to ourselves and our friends who live in the ward. We would be pleased to discuss these issues further with you and would like to arrange to meet.
Best wishes Barbara and David Grundey   01434 601138

2 thoughts on “talking to candidates

  1. The above meeting went well with Myself, Barbara, Wendy and Carolyn. David Clegg was very positive and engaged with some of our issues and we thank him for his time.

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