Hexham Town Plan Visioning Event Results!

Hexham Town Plan Visioning Event Results!

It was great to hear so many people saying what they most valued about Hexham and sharing ideas about how we can become a more sustainable community.

There were getting on for a hundred people who gave up their Sunday afternoon to describe their vision for how they wanted Hexham to be in ten years time.

Here are the bullet points that the Economy Working Group presented to set the scene for the discussions.

How can Hexham change to:

  • become more self-sustaining, self-reliant and resilient
  • make the most of the Town’s existing strengths and resources
  • provide an environment to develop positive ways to adapt

The influence of Transition Tynedale was there in all the discussion groups and the feedback highlighted many specific ideas regarding transport, the built environment, arts and heritage. Detailed results will be published soon and the next phase will be concerned with the future health and welfare of our community.

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