TT and the Green Party.


This extract of a post from the Transition Network explains the situation with regard to Transition’s movements involvement in politics.

“At a local and national level the question of Transition/politics matters because one piece of legislation has the power to counter the good intentions of a million people doing good and kindly acts. Turning off the tap is preferable to constantly mopping up. And the Transition Movement is in danger of becoming handmaid to elite power, duly mopping up the mess left by cuts to welfare and public services. The Green Party is the only political and parliamentary organisation that gives radical voice to social justice and ecological sanity. Being political isn’t about ‘party politics’ – that common putdown by the confused and disingenuous – it’s about policies. And thanks to the hard work and foresight of the Green Party those policies are worked out and waiting to be voted for. The Transition Movement is still in its infancy. As it matures it must connect veggie boxes with ballot sheets.”

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5 thoughts on “TT and the Green Party.

  1. Hi David, can you amend this posting to make it clear that this is your opinion and not that of Transition Tynedale please? You use of ‘our’ makes it sound like this is TT’s view. I know some Liberal Democrat and Labour volunteers who would question this statement, much in the way that the comments on your linked article have done.

  2. Hi Pat read “our” as a Transition view as renforced in the Transition Book “Communities, Councils & A Low Carbon Future”. I beleve that TT is a part of the Transition Movement. This is not my opinion but put foward by the Transition Network.

    1. Hi David. I can’t find any trace on the Transition Network of them endorsing the Green Party above any other on their website. Further, Transition Tynedale is part of the Transition Network, but we have our own constitution, which does not mention anything about aligning with one Political Party. There are members of TT who belong to different parties. I think you should respect their views as being different from yours.
      Can you amend your text to say this is your personal opinion please?

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