Planning News

The  Orchard Gap Housing development has been deferred by the West Area Committee. Due to the design of the house for plot 3. If the house on Plot 3 is of a different type will the solar panels be lost??.


Erection of 3 no detached dwellings and private access track via new
access off public highway.

Orchard Gap is at the town end of Allendale Road. This interesting note was in the planning statement.

“Whilst the submitted Design and Access Statement notes that both houses at
Plot 1 and 2 would have photovoltaic panels attached to the roofs, later email
confirmation has been received from the applicant’s agent that these will not
be attached to these houses. A detailed design layout and product details
have been submitted for PV panels to be provided on the flat roof on the
house at Plot 3.”

The next 2 permissions are current. Both have no comments against or for them at present.

Land North West Of Todridge Farm Great Whittington Northumberland
Installation of 30kWp ground mounted solar photovoltaic panels
Todridge Farm located approximately 6.7km to the north of Corbridge sits within 339 acres of grassland used for grazing livestock. The farm itself and existing farm buildings have been updated to include renewable heating from a ground source Heatpump system. This proposal seeks the installation of 30kWp of solar photovoltaic panels to provide renewable electricity to run the Heatpump system and to move towards self-sustainability.

Land At South West Of Black Hill Farm Yarridge Road Hexham Northumberland
Proposed installation of an 80 panel ground mounted solar pv array
Using Carbon Trust ( figures of 54.5gm/KWh generated, therefore 20,000 KWp x 545gm = 10.90 tonnes which is a representation of carbon emissions saved.

This permission is on the Green Belt. But will have little impact on the Landscape and its also a “Farm Scale” developement not a Solar Farm.

The Government recently stated:
“Can the Green Belt contribute to meeting the new challenge of climate change? – Yes
‘undeveloped land, both in the Green Belt and the wider countryside should play a vital role in helping tackle the impacts of climate change. This role should be explicitly acknowledged
in planning policy’”

Of course this statement does not allow inappropriate developement.

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