Campaigning a discussion

Transition Tynedale Terms of Reference document.

The guiding philosophy and approach of Transition Tynedale is to be inclusive, positive and enabling. If someone wants to step forward at any point in time to do something positive in Tynedale that supports the aims of the Transition movement, then we want them to do it.

6;Your TT group refrains from campaigning.

Definition of campaigning is an organised series of operations in the advocacy of some course or object Chambers Dictionary.

TT campaign all the time

Examples are,
The market stall, campaign to change peoples ideas.
The car club campaign for better car use.
The car club to be included in county policy.
The energy fair and Monitor library to change peoples behaviour to produce less carbon and to strengthen finical resilience.
Having Barbara reporting and taking an active role in the Hexham Town Plan to campaign for a resilient Hexham Town.
Having Gillian on the board of the Community Partnership again to campaign for a resilient Hexham Town.
Promoting a campaign for better cycling facilities by supporting Cycling Tynedale.
Stall to promote sustainability and resilience at the Hexham debates.

In the past we have,
Campaigned to get votes for the seed money for the hydro,
Support a campaign to buy Dukes house wood for the community.
There are other small examples of campaigning which I have not mentioned.

A larger campaign we have not engaged with as a group for example.
NCC core strategy includes policys on sustainable building, allotments, energy saving, energy generation etc over the next 15 years.

Campaigning can also be
for new houses which use less carbon and are more energy efficient to be Included in the NCC Core strategy.

For school children to be more aware of locally grown food using the Middle school garden as an example.

An inappropriate campaign can viewed as banner waving and occupation of gas power stations which Tynedale people may not approve.

To enable large change TT has to engage with the Hexham Town Council, NCC and other bodies to make the TT profile stronger to gain influence to enable change towards the transition objectives, this does not mean we fully endorse any particular political party, but what if a Green Party candidate stood for the town or county council?
Transition have published a book Communities, Councils & a Low-carbon Future which is full of examples of campaigns and how to engage constructively with Local Government.

David G

2 thoughts on “Campaigning a discussion

  1. David,
    Is this the document you were talking about last night?
    Its very good, and frighteningly only a draft of a section of an EDAP.
    As we were discussing there is a huge amount of information, and we want to be able to address different audiences, which would ideally mean several versions of the same thing, an ‘executive summary’, a fuller but digestible version that would impress the council, a full version which accessed the whole body of information.
    I also really like this presentation:
    they are talking about an even wider idea of a document with artistic input as well.

    My vision for our EDAP is that it not only addresses all these possibilities, but is also ‘self greening’ being constantly rewritten by many people, but with a useful archive of previous versions. As such we should establish some easy to use but effective document control policy before we write anything. So everything should be dated and the author identified, so that new versions can be referred to the previous author for comment.
    To my mind the first task is to rough out a table of contents, an EDAP-map. Though perhaps a more sensible approach, following Belper, is to ask what geographical area we are covering, presumably the Tynedale in our title reflected the council area, but now how do you know you are in it?

    1. HI
      Yes thats the one.
      Rember that transition Belper ia quite a new group.
      Belper is embarking on the TOTALLY LOCALLY campain to highlight local shops. Transition Matlock 6 miles from Belper has also ran TOTALLY LOCALLY with good success.

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