Core Meeting – 10th October 2012

Tim chaired this meeting, which was attended by 20 people.


Phil noted the Energy Fair to be held on 11 May 2013, with a schools day planned for the day before. It was also planned to have a Trade Fair to interest local businesses in green alternatives. It was agreed that the Energy Fair would be a good vehicle for getting across other aspects of Transition work (for example, Green Deal or transport issues).

Gillian gave an update on the Hydro project.  Planning applications for licences, etc would need to be submitted in November.  The consultation meetings with fishing interests and with the public (2-3 Oct) had gone well, and despite some challenging questions the overall impression was positive (as confirmed by coverage in the Courant). However, there was still a lot of work to be done, with a need for funding – donations of any amount were valuable.


The electric car (EV) demonstration at the Farmers’ Market (8 Sep) had been successful, with a number of visitors asking for further information on the proposed car club.  Cllr Kennedy had been notably enthusiastic, and had said he would try to include the idea in the local transport plan to be framed in 2013.  The Transport Group had decided that it was better to develop the car club via Co-wheels, and had held a meeting with them to start the process.


Chris gave a reminder that the next session at the Community Garden would be on 20 October (3rd Saturday of month); help was needed this month as there various crops to lift.  He asked for approval for a noticeboard which would publicise activity and events at the garden (£280).  It was agreed that as this was earmarked money it should be spent.

Market Stall

Debbie appealed for help in setting up the stall on 13 October, as it would be centred on the apple press. The November Market would be the last of the year for TT, but we had been invited to help at the Community Partnership stall on 8 December.

Action: Debbie would co-ordinate this action; Pat would circulate details via email.


Wendy noted that a spreadsheet (available on request) was now ready, with all income and expenditure on grants, etc since 2008.  The group had received £24k over these years.  She had made enquiries regarding ethical banking, and the Co-operative Bank was the most likely option for a new account: this was approved.

Richard urged that there should be a tighter approach to applications for funding and reports on the use of funds.  It was vital for the Core group to know what was being planned, and what applications were pending.  An annual budget and plans would be consistent with company status, and the directors would need to be associated with applications.

Richard also noted the need to optimise use of equipment for printing and copying.  Colour and black/white printing were possible on ex-Council printers.  Replacement cartridges were expensive but could be bought (£220) with previous grant money: this was approved.

Dukeshouse Wood

The Heritage Lottery Fund had been encouraging in respect of the proposed community bid. Conservation and education would be the major planks for the project..  It was likely that time would be offered to raise the funds.  Jim would attend a meeting (16 Oct) with representatives of Northumberland Estates to explore this and other issues.


This would be on 5 December, at the Skinners’ Arms (Barbara to confirm arrangements).

Action: The directors would organise a planning meeting for the conduct of the AGM – any proposed extra items for the AGM to be emailed to Gillian.



Kym and Mark explained that they would like to work with TT and with local schools in developing bee-keeping skills and interests.  Gillian advised bringing all ideas to the February planning meeting.

Food Map

The Council for the Preservation of Rural England (CPRE) was producing a Food Map of Hexham, and had asked if TT would provide a rep at a meeting.  This was agreed.

Action: Debbie would email details to Gillian and Pat (for email).


Paul Goldsmith visited the group to outline plans for a cycling development group, with a cycling network to be included in local plans. The group approved the initiative, and a meeting was proposed for 24 October, to be confirmed by email.

Action: Ted will liaise with Paul to set up the meeting and proposals.

Ted also reported that two new cycle routes were being proposed, one from Berwick to Hexham and the other including Hexham on the route from the Borders to Yorkshire. Meanwhile, the bridle path route discussed last time was progressing, subject to details such as tree-planting.

Next Meeting

Wednesday 7 November, at the Skinners’Arms (chaired by David).

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