Posting and commenting on this blog

Hi All

WordPress blog as a new way of communicating is working well, (1,426 views to date). but we need more comments and posters

There seems to be confusion on the difference between posting and commenting on the blog.


Posting is putting up a new post. You can either send materials in the form of a .doc and jpegs to myself or Pat who have posting rights or if you want to post on a regular basis ask Pat for permission and he will send you an email with a link that allows you to set up a password allowing you to post.

Commenting on a post

Anyone can comment on a post. I have posted in the past a “how to comment post” and have re-bloged the post.


New interactive ways of communication can be strange even scary for some of us.

If any one is not sure how to comment on a post after reading my re-bloged “How to comment”, ( click on the link in the last post) I can do an individual “how to session” on your own computer.

For people who have posting permission but are not up to speed with the process please contact me and arrange for a quick demo at home. my place or via skype. Once you have posted once its easy to do.

David Grundey

2 thoughts on “Posting and commenting on this blog

  1. It would be useful if you had an email address to contact as I have an issue relating to the tarmacking of grass verges that I would like to bring to TT’s attention. I can’t find an email contact for the web site

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