Energy Group Meeting – 14th Sept 2012

Attendees: Phil, Lewis, Debbie, Gillian, Tim, David.

Preamble … we decided not to cover the Dukeshouse wood as it is the subject of a separate meeting this coming Wednesday.

Energy research

Lewis started the meeting discussing his experiences with heat source pumps and some of the shortcomings in understanding in this technology. WE placed this as an action item to look at research in to best practice for energy technology.

I have recently joined a jiscmail for such information. Some feedback and further info is given below.


We all introduced ourselves and had some general discussion before focusing in on the question of ‘what is a transition(ed) researcher’. We’ll be writing up the results of this exercise and the rest of our discussion to put on the TRN website (

Energy Fair

Time is slipping by quickly and the subject of the energy fair was raised by Gillian. This has been a successful event in previous years and we decided we should make a focus on this again this year. Conversation on the subject included invited speakers, green energy group, and how best to pool resources. Gillian explained that in previous years the Trinity Methodist church had proven an excellent venue and offered excellent value for money catering. Suggested dates for the energy fair are Saturday the 11th May or Saturday the 18th May. Tim is to take ownership of reaching out to “TT Enablers”.

Trade Fair

Tim thought it a good idea to include a trade fair earlier in the year to stimulate the market and help local businesses get up to scratch with the latest technology. A date was provisionally set for such a Trade Fair for the 1st week in March. Further work to be done in clarifying the form of the Trade Fair as this would be the first such event supported by TT. Local sustainability was one important goal of the fair.

Web Training

TT web site user training came in as a topic but it was suggested that this should be dealt with by the main TT group.

Google apps

Phil suggested that a shared web folder and calendar for the energy group, may prove useful in helping to make meetings more easy to set up and provide a resource for planning tools and collaborative working. It was suggested that such a site should not detract from the main TT web site and that meeting minutes and blogs should be focussed on the main site. All are in agreement.

Next meeting

The next energy group meeting is planned for Friday the 5th October.

Tim volunteered to chair the next monthly TT meeting on the 10th October.

I hope this is a true account of the proceedings and any omissions I apologies for in advance. Happy for any one to comment and suggest methods to improve note taking on the day.


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