Re-cycling: what’s new

1. DfT stats show that numbers of cyclists killed or seriously injured in road traffic incidents has gone up sharply – see here

That’s what happens of you have a  ‘cycling revolution’ without the safe space and infrastructure.

2. Car shaped bike parking are being rolled out across Hackney in London. Convincing evidence that you can park up to 10 bikes in one car space – see here

3. Public bike pumps – see here

4. Fancy a bike donkey? See here

More cycling-related info soon – watch this space!

Is cycling dangerous? Could not cycling be more dangerous?

Within two days two high profile cyclists have been injured and hospitalised which has generated a lot of debate as to how safe it is to cycle. All this blog can do is open up a few thoughts on the subject.

Take a look at this info: 8 short summary pages & count the number of times the word ‘accident’ is used.

From a cause & effect angle my ‘accident’ question is highly relevant. The answer is nil times yet the media demonstrates no understanding of the fundamental difference between an accident, an incident, a crash and a collision. Please see the road safety charity, for the references used below.

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