Hexham Car Club

Car club happening  in Hexham

The car club will be up and running soon. Transition Tynedale, working with the social enterprise company Co-Wheels has secured capital funding from Northumberland County Council. Two of the most environmentally friendly cars on the road will be available for car club members to book online 24/7 and drive away from designated parking bays in the Wentworth car park and the town centre.  One of the cars will be an electric / diesel hybrid car and the other a regular hybrid car.

Members can join the car club for just £25.00 per year and are billed every month for their usage. Charges are by the hour with an overnight and 24 hour maximum rate.  All fuel, tax, insurance and maintenance costs are covered in the car club charges. Members can also use any other Co-wheels car across the country. For further information about how it will work see out frequently asked questions

FAQ’s or visit


There is already interest in joining the car club. For those without a car it offers convenience and flexibility. Others recognise the considerable savings the car club represents for households choosing to give up a second car.

For further information contact info@co-wheels.org.uk or info@transitiontynedale.org

To all cyclists! Please send this to our EU MP re cycling: URGENT!

PLEASE send this or your own letter by email to this EU MP  before Tuesday, December 18.

Brian Simpson (United Kingdom) brian.simpson@europarl.europa.eu (CTC has prepared an online petition here)

To brian.simpson@europarl.europa.eu

There are 35 million citizens cycling every day. There are more than 100 million Europeans that cycle regularly. Yet cycling is in danger of being left out of important European transport funding and policy.

In December 2011, the European Parliament showed that it saw potential for significant growth in cycling and that it was a priority case for European investment by recommending that the European Cycle Route Network, EuroVelo and associated cycling facilities should be included in the Trans-European Transportation Network (Ten-T) strategic transport network.

CTC, the UK’s national cycling charity and ECF feel that, despite last year’s supportive recommendations, the European institutions are now ignoring, forgetting and failing the millions of European citizens cycling in Europe. As a democratically elected body, European Parliament must listen to its citizens.

I call on you, as a UK representative and Chair of the Transport Committee to respect 100 million European citizens and the actions of the parliament by restoring cycling to its appropriate place in the Ten-T guidelines.

If you do not, you are disrespecting the needs of 100 million citizens and the huge potential for economic growth, carbon reduction and reduced congestion that investing in cycling can bring.

In the vote on the 18th of December, please vote the amendments with the following content:

– Integrate EuroVelo, the European cycle route network, into the Trans European Transportation Network (TEN-T)

– Improve, develop the road infrastructure / conditions of cycle routes that run along the TEN-T Corridors

– Implement safe (grade separate) intersections when TEN-T infrastructure corridors cross local, regional, national cycle routes.

Yours sincerely,


Any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact European Cyclist’s Federation (ECF) Regional Policy Officer,

Ed Lancaster. (e.lancaster[at]ecf.com)