Cycling consultation

The cycling delivery plan is the government’s 10 year strategy on how they plan to increase cycling and walking across England.

It includes an ambition to double cycling levels by 2025 and increase the percentage of school children aged 5-10 years walking to school to 55% by 2025.

The delivery plan includes a number of actions to meet these targets including, plans for infrastructure developments, cycle-proofing roads and wider transport infrastructure, and for facilitating behaviour change across the country by promoting cycling and walking as alternative sustainable travel modes. A draft version of the delivery plan has been published for informal consultation.

Draft plan:

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FYI: The above has been heavily criticised by lobby groups as being painfully light on allocating resources and mechanisms to achieve the targets it aspires to meet.  

Speak up or belt up

Regardless of whether we agree with the proposed changes in green belt boundaries or not, should any of the proposal developments go ahead we must be alert to potential opportunities for a) creating new pleasant / useful access through and or around any new developments;  b) linking new developments to the nearby towns  by such routes  and c) improving existing access for ALL non motorised user groups.

Sadly, despite what they say, NCC planners won’t consider the sort of access we value unless we pressure then to do so and that includes building safe, direct, comfortable, attractive and convenient routes for walkers and cyclists for functional journeys. These are the 5 recognised considerations such routes should be measured against.

For such opportunities we must be alert. More than ever, Tynedale needs lerts.

Hexham Car Club

Car club happening  in Hexham

The car club will be up and running soon. Transition Tynedale, working with the social enterprise company Co-Wheels has secured capital funding from Northumberland County Council. Two of the most environmentally friendly cars on the road will be available for car club members to book online 24/7 and drive away from designated parking bays in the Wentworth car park and the town centre.  One of the cars will be an electric / diesel hybrid car and the other a regular hybrid car.

Members can join the car club for just £25.00 per year and are billed every month for their usage. Charges are by the hour with an overnight and 24 hour maximum rate.  All fuel, tax, insurance and maintenance costs are covered in the car club charges. Members can also use any other Co-wheels car across the country. For further information about how it will work see out frequently asked questions

FAQ’s or visit

There is already interest in joining the car club. For those without a car it offers convenience and flexibility. Others recognise the considerable savings the car club represents for households choosing to give up a second car.

For further information contact or

Rail in Hexham and The Tyne Valley – Free Talk 24th June, Queen’s Hall, Hexham

Please excuse this final reminder of our free talk on the history of rail in Hexham and the Tyne Valley by Dr W Fawcett, taking place on Monday evening at 19:30 at the Queen’s Hall. This is a free event to which you, and any guests, are all invited. It is preceded at 18:30 by our Hexham Civic Society AGM (although attendance at the latter is not compulsory!)

We hope to see a good many of you there.

Please feel free to print off and display the attached poster if you are able, to draw the event to a wider audience.

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