Core Meeting – 6th March 2012

Apologies. Tim, Trevor, Kate & Pat
Present, Barbara (Chair person), Richard, Phil, Jo, Gillian, Debbie, Gunter, David, Daniel, Ross

Barbara opened the meeting by asking Daniel to explain his masters project.

Daniel informed the group that his first degree being in history.and his research was in town planning, city security, resilience and disruptive , failure of cities. He is interested in Climate change and a self directed research project was focussing on resilience where and where does it fit with town planning. He is hoping to carry out interviews with people involved in Transition. Other researchers had varied perspectives of Transition and he is looking for first hand experience of how such a group works. Barbara mentioned the structures meeting on the 26th March and thought this be interesting for daniel to attend. Daniel mentioned that he is looking to Observe and understand the applicability of values of Totnes and how they translate into the group in Tynedale. Richard mentioned that Prospect Hs is available on the 26th March and it was agreed to hold the meeting there. Ross commented that one researcher “Luke” had gained a valuable insight into TT by becoming totally involved in the projects.

Barbara moved the meeting on to Dukes House Wood

Jim gave a overview of the project as follows:

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Core Meeting – 5th September 2012

Jim chaired this meeting, which had 28 in attendance – apparently a record, and with several people there for the first time.


While stressing that the group looks at various projects and ideas, and that small-scale ideas are always welcome, Gillian concentrated her report on the Hydro project.  A recent presentation (22 Aug) had provided a realistic appraisal of technical and financial aspects.  The latter were less promising than at the start of the project, but there had been clear support for continuing.

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Core Meeting – 1st August 2012


Ross, Events, Community, Finance, Energy, Transport, Food, General, AOB.


For those who aren’t already aware, Ross has stepped down from the Chair role after 5+ years of fantastic work in that role. He is continuing with various TT projects particularly on the food side, but feels it’s really time to create the space for others to take over with the various aspects of the Chair role [as many of us know, he has flagged this at each of the last three AGMs!]. A lot of of the core group discussion concerned where we go from here… Continue reading “Core Meeting – 1st August 2012”

Energy Group Meeting – 23rd June 2012

Apologies for absence

The Energy Group has not met for some time and the hydro project is taking some focus away from other energy group activities. Gillian is unable to stretch herself so thinly to cover all directions that transition is demanding of her and has asked for help from other members to facilitate the energy group meetings and add support. Both Jim, Phil and Alice agreed at the last planning meeting to help out. Read on to see what we discussed…

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