Calling all gardeners !

Now is the time to start planning which crops you will be growing this year, an exciting time of sowing seeds and anticipating a warm spring. (!!!)

 This is an appeal to all gardeners to grow a few extra plants for the  TT food projects we are involved in – the 2 community gardens,  the annual  ‘Seed and Plant swop’ stall at the farmers market in May and our new initiative – Edible Hexham.

All these initiatives are aimed at encouraging local food production and they all need your help !  Please sow a few extra seeds and grow them on for these projects, they will all be gratefully received. Plants are needed from March onwards for the community gardens and Edible Hexham , and more again in May for the plant stall.

Manpower is also needed for these projects. From the experienced  gardener  to complete novice, we need your help to make things  ‘grow.’( pardon the pun !)

For offers of plants and help please contact the following people at

–          Megan      –   HMS community Garden

–          Claire    –    No 28 Garden, Hexham east

–          Debbie    –   May plant stall

–          Rosemary    –   Edible Hexham

Annual Seed and plant swop stall – appeal for seedlings

As part of our efforts to encourage people to grow their own food we have,for the past 4 years ,  held a seed and plant swop stall at the Hexham Farmers Market in May.  Our 2013 stall is being planned for early June and we would appreciate any surplus seedlings – vegetable, fruit or flower – for the stall.

Despite the unseasonal weather now is the time to plant seeds, especially if you have access to a green house,- if not then just on the windowsill.  Even if you have no cover, hardy veg such as peas or broad beans can be sown in pots and left outside in a sheltered place to germinate in time for the stall. Please sow a few extra and bring them along to the stall to swop for others . Even experienced gardeners will find something unusual to swop with !

The exact date will be finalised at the next regular TT meeting and we will be asking for volunteers to help – in the meantime watch this space  and sow some seeds !

Core Meeting – 5th September 2012

Jim chaired this meeting, which had 28 in attendance – apparently a record, and with several people there for the first time.


While stressing that the group looks at various projects and ideas, and that small-scale ideas are always welcome, Gillian concentrated her report on the Hydro project.  A recent presentation (22 Aug) had provided a realistic appraisal of technical and financial aspects.  The latter were less promising than at the start of the project, but there had been clear support for continuing.

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Electric Car at Farmers’ Market

This is just to confirm that we intend to have an electric car at the Market on 8 September.  However, if you have come to this page after reading a short article in the Hexham Courant, please note that their reference to getting “behind the wheel” may be a bit misleading.  For various reasons (especially insurance) we would not be able to allow test drives in the normal sense, but we certainly plan to take interested people for a short ride.  It will also be a great chance to find out more about the proposed local Car Club.

Plant Swap Day at Hexham Farmers’ Market

Saturday was a glorious sunny day, and another successful Market Stall for Transition Tynedale, as a team of enthusiastic TT members took turns to run the annual plant and seedling swap.

Children (and grown-ups) were invited to make their own seed pots out of newspaper, using a clever wooden gadget. This year we had an extra 3 pot makers, as after last year’s event, a local wood turner generously spent a frustrating day turning them on his home lathe. He said it was an interesting experience, but not one he intended on repeating! If you wish to get one yourself, then they should be  available at your local garden centre.

Using the self-made pot, visitors could then plant up a pumpkin to grow on at home. Come October, we’ll be having a follow-up competition with a prize for the largest pumpkin.

Finally, the beautiful pots were carried home in handmade newspaper bags, made by Debbie this time, but with instructions on how to do it yourself inside.

As the weather has been so weird this Spring, and seedlings have been set back with the downturn in temperatures, Debbie said we’d be running another seedling event on June 9th. Can’t wait…

Annual Edible Plant Swap – Sat 12th May 2012

We’ve had such strange weather this year… a very mild Winter, a very early Spring, then back to Winter with non-stop rain and freezing nights. If your seedlings have survived and you even have some spares, why not bring them down to the annual Transition Tynedale edible plant swap?

Bring your spares to the stall and swap them for something different. Information on local community gardens and garden share scheme.

We’re at the usual location of the Hexham Farmers’ Market on Saturday 12th May. From 9:00am till 1:30pm

Download our flyer to help advertise this event [385kB].

Hexham Hydro stall at Hexham Farmers’ Market

Many thanks to everyone who brought plants to last month’s Plant and Seedling Swap, and to all of you who took them away to give them a new home. It was very successful – and will be repeated next Spring.

Transition Tynedale’s next market stall will be on Saturday June 25th. We will be focusing on the Hexham Hydro Project, a joint venture between Transition Tynedale and Hexham Community Partnership to generate electricity on the Tyne.

Come along between 9 and 1.30 to find out more about the project and support our bid for funding for a feasibility study. Any help on the stall would be very welcome – including putting it up and taking it down.