Massive People’s Climate March – Nov 29th

There are moments in history when the very act of people coming together can force change. Sunday 29th November, the People’s Climate March, could be one of those moments.
In just over three weeks’ time world leaders are coming together for the biggest climate meeting of the decade – the Climate Summit in Paris. The day before they meet, people across the globe will take to the streets. It’ll be the biggest climate march in history – aimed at convincing politicians to do what’s needed.

It’s a huge task to drown out the lobbying power of the super-rich dirty coal and oil industries. Which means thousands  need to hit the streets. Will you join too ?

Transition members have a strong track record of coming together to protect our environment. We’ve been fighting battles one by one. But this is a huge global moment and all concerned citizens  need to come together.  This global march is one such moment.

Please come and  join the Newcastle march. Here are the details :

Global Peoples Climate March
to be held in Newcastle (and all over the world) on
Sunday 29th November (the day before the summit opens)
-Assembling in Princess Square, beside the City Library, from 1.30pm
-marching at 2.00pm to an open air meeting at the Civic Centre.

Please invite everyone you know. Photos of our event will be beamed to Paris, along with those from many other countries.
Help is also needed with stewarding the march, kids activities, placard and banner makers, ‘flash’ dancers, jugglers , musicians etc. if you can help please contact:

Tony Claydon,   ACT!

For the sake of our children,  grandchildren and theirs.!

Green Ovingham event, February 6th, 7.15pm

All are invited to a Green Ovingham talk in the Reading Room. 

The speaker is David Archer talking on Climate Change and renewable energy and  entitled “Keeping the Lights on Without Burning the House Down”.  The talk will be followed by the short film “Enough is Enough”, by Rob Dietz and Dan O’Neill.

 Admission free, but donations appreciated.  Coffee and tea served from 7:15pm.  Hope to see you there !

Corbridge Solar Farm


Planning permission has been applied by the Stagshaw Estate for a 250Kw solar farm using ground mounted panels.

Link to planning documents LINK

The 2 consultants submission documents are worth the read as it touches on the national policy.

The site is half way up the Stagshaw Bank north of Corbridge behind Chantry Farm.

The statutory consultes have raised no objections except for Corbridge Parish Council.

Corbridge Parish Council wishes to object to this application on the following grounds:-

*This development is in the green belt and there are no exceptional circumstances to allow this.

*There is a heritage site close by which would be affected by the visual pollution of this


*Intrusion into the countryside.

*The only benefit would be to the Stagshaw Estate.

*No proven need.

*Access to this site is a narrow classified C road.

*A large visual impact to the area north of the village”

One other objection.

Corbridge village trust does not accept that special reasons to put a temporary structure on green belt land is a valid reason to allow the development.

In my opinion the major questions raised are:-

Should the generation of Renewable Energy be classed as a “Special Reason”.

Does the Solar Farm only benefit Stagshaw Estate.?

Is there a proven need.?

The above Questions are relevant to Transition Tynedale due to our support of the renewable energy project which may include Solar Farms.

My view is:-

The generation of renewable energy by small and medium development should be a “Special Reason” in planning law. The proven need is the I.P.C.C report and our governmental pledges on climate change.

The Stagshaw Estate gains monitory benefit but the carbon saving would benefit the larger society, (why is money the only driver?).

A small scale Solar Farm has a small “visual impact” compared to the benefits.

Our aims and objectives support renewable energy. Presenting a united front for small and medium scale renewable energy projects will support the Renewable Energy Project if an application is made in the future for a Solar Farm. Publicly supporting such schemes by ourself‘s and as an organisation would present a positive stance.


4T Meeting

Hi All
The next 4T meeting will be on Tuesday 29 April at 7.30. Will be at 5 Cockshaw Hexham.
Please note that the date above is an edit.

4T (Transition Tynedale Think Tank) is an informal group where we can freely discuss issues and subjects, get to know what other people think, shape your own views. We never know where the discussion leads us.  We can agree or even disagree and shake hands afterwards!!.

 I propose this meeting looking at Zero Carbon Britain, using the latest ZCB summary.  What would a place like Hexham / Tynedale  be like if Zero Carbon was taken forward.
(click on “ZCB summary” link above for a PDF or right click to download).
Subjects for future meetings later this year would be very welcome.

David Grundey

Energy Fair 2013 – The Magnificent Eleven

The Energy Fair organising team met last night in the Skinners and we’re very pleased to count up that we already have 11 local installers confirmed for the Energy Fair on 11 May AND that they cover just about every type of renewable technology we can use on/in/under/around our homes – biomass, solar PV, solar thermal, ground source heat pumps, stoves, rainwater harvesting, micro CHP… and more.

Here are our Magnificent Eleven, already confirmed with 3.5 weeks still to go until the Fair:

In alphabtical order:

  1. ARPower advanced renewable power
  2. Centre For Green Energy
  3. D&E Renewables
  4. EcoLogicLiving
  5. Geowarmth
  6. Hadrian Electrical Engineering
  7. Logic Appleby
  8. Narec Distributed Energy
  9. Pure Green Energy
  10. PV Roofs / Maden Eco
  11. Sun Spirit

When we do the volunteer jobs rota for the day we’ll need to make sure that everyone has some free time to go round all the stalls ourselves! I’m certainly looking forward to working out what will be the next thing I can do to my own home =)

Tynedale Hospice at Home are providing the catering (proceeds to this excellent cause) and there will be lots more stalls, activities & info with an energy theme.

The Energy Fair is on Saturday 11 May, 10am – 4pm, at Trinity Methodist Hall, Beaumont Street, Hexham.

If you wish to exhibit at the Fair, contact us by emailing Please mark your email for the attention of Gillian.

Look forward to seeing you on Saturday 11 May.