Edible Hexham 2015

Edible Hexham :  As the season draws to a close many thanks are due to the stalwart few who maintain the various planters and beds around Hexham. They have looked ( and tasted !) good all year and we have had many favourable comments by visitors and locals alike.
We are now making plans for 2016 so if anyone has ideas for new areas to plant, or would like to help in any way then please get in touch – we need you !  We already have several areas in mind and a generous grant to share with other food related projects. We need people to plant and maintain small areas and also to help publicise our work – one of our aims is to show how easy it is to grow your own food and to think about buying local produce before dashing to the supermarket.
For a full report on the years activities please see minutes of the latest meeting attached below.
To volunteer in any way please email Sue or Rosemary at info@transitiontynedale.org.

Calling all gardeners !

Coming soon  !!
Coming soon !!

We are holding our annual seed and seedling swop stall as part of the Hexham Spring Festival on May 9th. This is your chance to swop your unwanted or surplus seeds and seedlings for others – maybe to try a new variety or replace those eaten by slugs ! Bring them to the stall and swop or give a donation. All plants, however small, will be welcome so please grow a few extra for us. Ornamentals as well as edible plants also welcome.We are also looking for volunteers to help man the stall – for details please email sue at suehick3@gmail.com Our aim is to encourage local food production however small – getting a few free plants from the stall is a great way of getting started !

Edible Hexham – update

Edible Hexham participated in Waitrose’s ‘green token’ scheme in August and as a result   we will receive a cheque of £277 from Waitrose. This is great news, as we were in need of additional funding to purchase fruit trees and bushes to plant either this autumn or next spring at various sites around the town. Do you have a public area you think would suit a fruit tree ?  We have some areas in mind but all suggestions are welcome. In the meantime, keep picking and enjoying the produce at Wentworth, outside Prospect House, and at the Middle School garden! The Wentworth beds will be (mostly) cleared later this month (October ), so we can improve the soil over winter, ready to plant new crops in the spring.

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Edible Hexham

Do you shop at Waitrose ? If you do then you know that every month Waitrose share 1,000 pounds between 3 local charities / projects. Every shopper is given a green token to vote for their choice and the money is shared out proportionally at the end of the month.

So – please vote for the Edible Hexham project with your green counter at the exit – the more votes we have the more money we get! Tell all your friends and family too !

We have had lots of positive feedback and favourable comments on the existing beds. We want to help spread the transition message through home produced food and money from Waitrose will help towards plants and planters for next year .

Thank you !

Edible Hexham is here!

Two beds adjacent to the Wentworth Café in the Wentworth car park were planted by an enthusiastic team of volunteers this Sunday.

Many thanks to Rosemary, Wendy, Elizabeth, Judy and Jo who planted, Michael who dug the holes for the tree and bushes, and to Ted and his son who brought a pickup load of mulch for us to finish the beds. And to the cafe for providing welcome cups of tea and water for the plants.

Hopefully this will be the start of more debate about local food, get people thinking about where their food comes from, to support local food producers and encourage more to start growing their own. If vegetables can be grown in a car park – why not try it in your own garden ?ImageImage

More planting is planned this year for some areas in the hospital grounds and some new raised beds near Prospect House. We are also providing seedlings for some of the privately maintained planters in the town centre. This is just the start of what we hope will be a Tynedale wide move to plant edible produce throughout the area – and everyone is encouraged to harvest and eat it !!

For more information, to suggest new sites or to volunteer please email Sue or Rosemary at transitiontynedale@googlemail.com