Dukeshouse Heritage Woodland Project

Happy new year from all at the Dukeshouse Heritage Woodland Project.
Below is a photograph from around 1864 of the boating pond which is still to be found in the wood, though it’s now overgrown and difficult to access. The rather splendid looking gentleman in the boat is John W. Mounsey, nephew of Edward Backhouse for whom Duke’s House was built. Wouldn’t it be great if the pond were cleared and returned to its original state? 🙂


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David G

Thanks to Andy Bates

Dukeshouse Wood Heritage Project

Venue Scott’s Cafe at the Forum Cinema Wednesday 19th at 7:45.

Interesting meeting last night. Here are a collection of notes taken at the meeting and thoughts following the meeting.

Main drivers of this project are Jim, Andy, Luke and Mike. The project was an idea from TT and now it is supported by Hexham Community Partnership who were also present at the meeting.

Jim opened the meeting thanking all present and introduced his team. He acknowledged this was a outcome of the TT meeting. In his introduction he outlined his vision of what the project was about. My notes read…but please if anyone reads this fill out the missing phrase to make sense.  Re eduction of forestry, holistic practices, a basis for sustainability / employment and possible tourism. They are looking for grant funding and have approached the Heritage lottery fund. Why Hexham was to be discussed later in the meeting.

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