Hexham Car Club

Car club happening  in Hexham

The car club will be up and running soon. Transition Tynedale, working with the social enterprise company Co-Wheels has secured capital funding from Northumberland County Council. Two of the most environmentally friendly cars on the road will be available for car club members to book online 24/7 and drive away from designated parking bays in the Wentworth car park and the town centre.  One of the cars will be an electric / diesel hybrid car and the other a regular hybrid car.

Members can join the car club for just £25.00 per year and are billed every month for their usage. Charges are by the hour with an overnight and 24 hour maximum rate.  All fuel, tax, insurance and maintenance costs are covered in the car club charges. Members can also use any other Co-wheels car across the country. For further information about how it will work see out frequently asked questions

FAQ’s or visit


There is already interest in joining the car club. For those without a car it offers convenience and flexibility. Others recognise the considerable savings the car club represents for households choosing to give up a second car.

For further information contact info@co-wheels.org.uk or info@transitiontynedale.org

Car club and lift share – Interested?

Many thanks to all who completed our survey.

We are collating the results and will let you know the outcome shortly.

Want to know more about car clubs? See below (with thanks to the Cumbria Sustainability Network)

What is a Car Club?

Owning a car (or two) can be expensive when taking insurance, servicing, MOT, tax, cleaning, parking permits and all into account. If your car is in regular use then these costs average out. However, if your car is not in regular use then it can be more cost effective to get rid of your car and join a car club.

The idea of a car club is to allow access to a choice of cars parked locally to where you live and work, available 24/7, 365 days of the year. The cars are serviced and maintained by someone else, and you only ever pay for the cars when you need them, not when you don’t.

The car club cars are booked online and over the phone at a moments notice and can be booked for as little as 1 hour. Members access the car using a smart enabled membership card. After use the car must be returned to its original parking space.

Research shows that for every car club car in existence, around 20 cars are taken off the road.

A car club is not for everyone. Using a car club car for several days at a time is not cost effective when compared to renting. However, it’s a convenient, fuss-free and low-cost alternative that works for some, because it gives you almost instant access to a conveniently parked car at the drop of a hat and there’s no extra paperwork to fill in. It’s also a superb way of avoiding running a second family car and incurring a second load of bills. For more information about car clubs and Commonwheels visit http://www.commonwheels.org.uk

Using Cars Differently Meeting

Lift Share

Web sites

Richard has contacted ‘Jam Buster’ (providers of the software for Tyne and Wear lift share consortium) and another web based lift share company about ‘local to local’ lift share sites. Latter company are keen to work with us, could probably have a system up and running by Christmas and see the commercial benefits eg: opportunity to advertise to TT data base. Some issues of this discussed. More information needed including viable numbers, commitments by both parties, tariffs charged per mile.

John will find out more about Newcastle University’s lift share site.

Benefits and barriers

Benefits were discussed – agreed that whilst finance will be the main incentive there were also social benefits as well as challenging the way we think about travel.

Barriers mentioned – being tied to a specific time; commitment to inputting data about planned journeys; ignorance about true cost of using cars; concerns about safety, intrusion on personal space.

Smart phone apps

Apps for smart phones. John to investigate with Newcastle University


Agreed that Richard and John would continue research and Jane and Richard would work up a proposal by Christmas.

Car Clubs


The fit of the car club concept with TT objectives was discussed. Agreed that it was the societal benefits that were important – changing attitudes to car use; reducing car ownership (especially for two plus car owning households); encouraging shared use of cars.

Potential demand

Summary of the Commonwheels Hexham survey received. This showed 40 people interested and 16 definitely interested in a car club.  Commonwheels own the data and have agreed that it could be used for a follow up survey (four to five questions using Commonwheels survey monkey) to gauge level of interest now. It may be possible to invite TT members to complete the survey too. Jane to follow up with Richard Falconer and also see if a question about interest in lift share can be included.


Information on scheme to operate under a licence with Commonwheels received. Shows a projected revenue stream in year two based on two cars with a total of twenty to thirty members. More information needed on different models of operation with Commonwheels. Jane to follow up


Aim to establish level of interest and work up a proposal by Christmas.

Awareness Raising

Local businesses

Jane  spoken to Tamsin at the Community Partnership. Interested in knowing more. Business Forum is holding an event in November. Jane to follow up best way of raising awareness and gauging interest through the business forum

Market stall

Agreed to see if levels of interest can be collected via the market stall in November and December. Possibly through questionnaires.

Next Meeting

6th December 7.30, venue tbc