Greenfields to go and Greenbelt under threat. Act Now!

Hexham Civic Society are sad to report that the 122 Craneshaugh ‘executive homes’ proposal for Craneshaugh, east end of Hexham, was approved unanimously and with little debate by the West Area Planning Committee on Wednesday. HCS Secretary Paul Wharrier spoke on behalf of HCS in objection to the scheme which is proposed by Hexham Auction Mart. We highlighted the shortfall of affordable housing on the site and the prematurity of its release when brownfield sites within the town stand idle. Unfortunately, now this greenfield allocation has been soaked up, the greenbelt is now more vulnerable.

There was no debate from Councillors about the clear failure to develop brownfield sites in Hexham in preference to this premature greenfield release. HCS supports the provision of well-designed new housing but wishes to see brownfield, sustainable sites within the town used in preference to greenfield sites. We are opposed to the deletion of the greenbelt as proposed in NCCs core strategy.

We urge those concerned about NCCs proposed deletion of the greenbelt around Hexham to make their views known to NCC as soon as possible. The deadline for comment is 31st December.

To make your views known to NCC email them at NCC, or see the Save Hexham’s Green Belt group’s site here.

Greenfield or Brownfield for Hexham? Workhouse housing exhibition 3rd-11th Sept

Workhouse Exhibition Poster 3rd to 11th SeptAs with many towns, Hexham is faced with pressure to develop its greenfield and greenbelt land while brownfield sites within the build up area stand idle. As TT members will no doubt be aware, two large housing schemes are now being consulted on by the County Council. Both are at the east end of Hexham and  they are likely to have major implications for the general future of Hexham’s greenbelt. Opposite the Arnold Clark Garage, within Hexham Green Belt, is a proposal for 28 ‘affordable’ housing units, proposed by Two Castles Housing (ref 13/02253/ful). At a full mile from the centre of Hexham many do not believe that this is a sustainable location. Continue reading “Greenfield or Brownfield for Hexham? Workhouse housing exhibition 3rd-11th Sept”