Our future plans

Hexham Tree Strategy

Lime trees in the Sele Park

We need a plan to look after our trees, to replace those which are diseased or at the end of their lives, and to make sure we plant the right trees in the right place. Hexham has a lot of trees already, but there are areas where new street trees would be appropriate, and succession planning needs careful thought in designed landscspes like the Sele and Tyne.

Hexham Space for Nature is leading on the production of a Hexham-wide Tree Strategy, inviting landowners and other stakeholders to get involved in its writing, and eventually to sign up to its principles and conclusions.

Guided Walks

We’re keen to help people engage with nature here in Hexham, and so in 2022 we plan to run a series of informal guided walks to help people learn a bit more about the nature in our own town, from the cowslips and orchids of Highford Park to the spring warblers and sand martins of the river Tyne, and the new wildflowers appearing in the Sele .We need help with this, of course, so if you have any knowledge of wildlife which you would like to share as a walk guide, please do let us know.