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A holistic view on Cob Building

Introduction Why do we need cob and other sustainable building methods now? What is COB? Examples of cob buildings elsewhere What areas within the school curriculum overlap with sustainable building methods? How will working with cob as a school project … Continue reading

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Tackling Poverty and Inequality. Community Cafe event

Hi, I have been asked to see if there is interest from the Transition group. Phil C Tackling Poverty and Inequality: Learning from international practice for changing North East contexts AN INVITATION Recent years have seen dramatic changes to the … Continue reading

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Debt crisis, Carbon reduction and sleepless nights

National debt I believe the way the National debt ( ND) is handled by all parties is just tinkering around the edges with the deficit and does not address the fundamental problem of a £1.4 T  debt. In terms of … Continue reading

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Suitable films for the TT “Ourscreen” viewing.

I offered at the TT meeting to search for suitable films for the TT “Ourscreen” viewing. Some suggested films from Transition Network can be found at : Any comments welcome to refine the list to a few which could … Continue reading

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Is it possible to turn negative into positive energy

I was asked by Gillian to clarify what I meant by “Pluralism”, when I raised the matter during Septembers, Wednesday meeting. To be honest Gillian at that time I could not articulate what I meant but knew in my heart … Continue reading

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Core Meeting – 6th March 2012

Apologies. Tim, Trevor, Kate & Pat Present, Barbara (Chair person), Richard, Phil, Jo, Gillian, Debbie, Gunter, David, Daniel, Ross Barbara opened the meeting by asking Daniel to explain his masters project. Daniel informed the group that his first degree being … Continue reading

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Energy Group Meeting 1st Nov 2012

Energy Group MinutesLocation Ash House, Ash Close, Highford Park Hexham.Present:  Debbie, David, Geof, Mark, Gwen and Phil Action items from previous meeting: 1..Local renewable energy traders to be invited to come to demonstrate their systems (Lewis and Debbie to contact … Continue reading

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Dukeshouse Wood Heritage Project

Venue Scott’s Cafe at the Forum Cinema Wednesday 19th at 7:45. Interesting meeting last night. Here are a collection of notes taken at the meeting and thoughts following the meeting. Main drivers of this project are Jim, Andy, Luke and … Continue reading

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Energy Group Meeting – 23rd June 2012

Apologies for absence The Energy Group has not met for some time and the hydro project is taking some focus away from other energy group activities. Gillian is unable to stretch herself so thinly to cover all directions that transition … Continue reading

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