Hexham River Hydro

We are so pleased that we are now able to announce details of Hexham River Hydro’s multi talented team of consultants. Thanks to our many supporters up and down the country Hexham River Hydro won Energyshare’s top prize of £100,000 which has enabled us to move ahead. We are enormously grateful to the Energyshare fund itself, supported by British Gas and River Cottage, which is helping to bring our vision for Hexham and the wider region a step closer, alongside all the expert advice we receive from Carbon Leapfrog.
Against strong national competition, Cundall Johnston & Partners LLP trading as Cundall, an international multi-disciplinary Engineering consultancy whose head office is in Newcastle has been appointed as our lead consultant http://www.cundall.com . Mann Power Consulting Ltd http://www.mannpower-hydro.co.uk , will be the key advisor on hydrology, guided by Fishtek a specialist fisheries consultancy http://www.fishtek.co.uk and local ecologist Ruth Hadden, Ryall Soil and Ecology.

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