Like all Transition Tynedale projects, ours come from those who get involved. So there’s a variety of inspirational ideas from lots of different people – and if more people would like to come and add to that, great!

We’re lucky that the group already includes a number of people with energy-related skills and experience, plus even more people with the enthusiasm and get-up-and-go just to make stuff happen. There’s always room for more, though! We’d be delighted if you wanted to join us. Or even set up a group for a specific town or village, or perhaps a community building, within Tynedale. We’d be happy to help.

We try to stick within the broad aim of focusing as much time on energy saving initiatives (i.e. reducing demand) as on renewable energy initiatives (i.e. creating green supply). This is because we think we need both and they deserve roughly equal attention.

Current projects we are working on include:

Last year, we organised and hosted the Hexham Green Energy Fair, bringing together 12 local renewables installers and green charities with 220 members of the public.

Contact any of the Energy Working Group members to get involved by emailing

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