Apple Pressing Event

Saturday 13th October
09:00 – 13:30
Hexham Farmers’ Market
This is a really nice, cheerful day so come along to see what happens even if you can’t help out.
I’ve attached a poster advertising the event. Please print and distribute if you can.
Things we need…
  • Apples
Please ask local friends, colleagues and family to bring their unwanted apples to the apple themed Farmers’ Market  In return they will receive bottled apple juice made on the day.
  • Bottles
We would be very grateful if you could start collecting clean, glass and plastic bottles to put the delicious apple juice in for helpers, donors and to give away for donations to a charity. Plastic milk bottles are great for freezing juice. Bring them on the day.
  • Rota
We need help through the day:
  • washing, crushing and pressing apples
  • washing and drying taster cups
  • filling bottles with apple juice
  • handling out apple juice
  • chatting and having a good time
If you’re able to help, please email with the time slots you’re able to be there. Just half an hour will be a great help.

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