Apple Picking and Picnic

Sunday 7th October
12:00 to 14:00
Picnic and community picking session. The field is on the left hand side of Shaws Lane about half way up. You will see a silver Skoda parked up and a big notice on the fence.
Please come along if you can, and bring something for yourself to eat and drink. It’s always a really nice afternoon 🙂 Children are welcome.
If you have a cycling helmet bring that too….it prevents bruises from falling apples!
The apples we collect get used at the apple pressing event on the 13th of October, and of course you could take some home.
Mr Carr has been very kind in the past about allowing us on his land to pick the apples from his trees but he gets upset about the amount of dog poo he has found as he grazes cows there sometimes and they get ill – so no dogs please.

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