Notice of Transition Tynedale Limited AGM 2015/2016



Transition Tynedale Limited will be holding their Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 8th February, 2017 at Scott’s Café, Forum Cinema, Hexham.

Voting Process and Agenda

This page explains the processes that we follow when electing our Directors, and Officers.


In order to be eligible to vote or to stand as a Director or an Officer, you must first become a Member of Transition Tynedale Ltd. Being a Member incurs a yearly subscription fee of £5.00. Registering as a member is easy. Simply email the following information to

  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Postal Address including
    • House Name/Number and Street
    • Postal Town
    • Postcode

Prior to the AGM, registration will start at 7.00 pm to be completed by 7.30 pm. Members registering at the time or by email should pay at the AGM registration the sum of £5.00 to establish the rights to vote by receiving a voting slip.

If you intend to become a Director of Transition Tynedale Ltd you should submit your intention by 7th February 2017. Please email your request to Please note that becoming a Director of Transition Tynedale incurs certain responsibilities. You may find the following documents useful background reading.

The following positions will be voted on following the election of Directors. The names in brackets indicate the incumbent officers:

  • Chair (Not currently filled)
  • Treasurer (Pat Turner)

Intent to stand for any of the positions listed above may be submitted by email to before7th February 2017, or on the day of the AGM prior to the actual election. If you wish to nominate someone on the night, please inform the Secretary (Pat Turner) who will take your details before 7.30pm.
The next Secretary will be appointed by the Directors at their first meeting.

AGM Agenda

The AGM will follow the following agenda:

  • Accept the minutes of last AGM 2015
  • Approval of membership list by incumbent Directors
  • Directors Report Pat Turner
  • Financial Report Pat Turner
  • One third of the Directors shall stand down annually, for re-election if they so wish unless they have been a Director for 4 continuous years.
  • Chair and Treasurer to stand down.
  • The Secretary will facilitate the elections.
  • Election of additional Directors
  • Election of Officers from the Directors who have been elected
  • Any other business to be notified to the Secretary before the AGM.
  • Close of the AGM

Voting Procedure
Voting for Directors and Officers will follow the same initial procedure:
All Members will be given voting cards on registration and payment of £5.00. This is simply a way to differentiate members from non-members.
All Members will be asked to raise their voting cards prior to the vote to establish the number of eligible voters. All raised voting cards will be counted and recorded by the Secretary
Candidates for the election of Directors and Officers should stand up so they can be identified by the membership.
For each candidate the Membership will be asked to vote in favour of the candidate:
Members should raise their voting card to indicate affirmation of the candidate’s election
Members should keep their voting card lowered to indicate dissent or abstention of the candidate’s election.
All affirmative votes will be counted by the Secretary and recorded.

Election of Directors
Election as a Director will be confirmed by a majority vote by the members of more than 50%.
To be quorate the minimum number of Directors is 3; there is no maximum number of Directors under Transition Tynedale Ltd articles.
If there are less than 3 Directors then the candidates with the highest number of votes shall be appointed to make the total number of Directors quorate.

Election of Officers
Election as an Officer will be confirmed on the Director with the highest number of votes. Should any election of an officer result in a tie, the candidates will proceed to a further election by the Board of Directors at a later date.
The order of election of the officers shall be:

  • Chair
  • Treasurer

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