energy saving devices for the home

We all know that saving energy is good for the environment and our pockets.  Here are a few new gadgets I came across recently, I would be interested to see if anyone has tried them and how effective they are :

‘Green plugs‘ from   These are plugs designed to switch off automatically things left on standby too long and claim to save up to 41% of individual appliances consumption.

Hive active heating app and device from British gas.

This device controls heating and hot water temperature from an app on your phone or computor. Remote control is supposed to save up to 150 pounds / year for the average household.

Water saving at   The Grohe hand held rainshower adapts your shower by adding airbubbles to make it more efficient and can save water use by 40%

Free apps from an app store :

Loop energy saver app – this personal energy assistant monitors your energy use throughout the day.

Energy saver app – calculates the full statistics for your annual or daily consumption and gives tips on saving energy.

British gas app to compare your consumption with other similar houses in the neighbourhood.  Hopefully your house will be in the highest ‘smug mode’  !

Joulebug app – a game to teach children how to save energy

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