Removing centre lines on roads

Just as happened recently at Corbridge, white lines are being removed from busy roads in various parts of the country as a measure to slow down motorists and make it more likely to expect to see cyclists in advisory cycle lanes (ACL)  i.e. a lane with a minimum width of 1.5 m with dashed white lines which vehicles can straddle when not occupied by cyclists. Highway officers say blank roads introduce a sense of uncertainty that encourages motorists to drive more cautiously especially when faced with oncoming traffic.
Listen to which is an extract from the a recent Today programme to hear Tracey Jessop, Assistant Director for Highways and Transportation at Norfolk County Council where the concept is being trialled. Edmund King, President of the AA then confuses the issue by talking about a cruise control feature optionally used by autonomous cars on motorways in the future which are satellite-directed and tries to link them to ACLs.
Lets hope this timely media coverage which supports the Corbridge change will helps educate Corbridge drivers.

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