Extending your life – cycle

Today I cycled for four hours up hill and down hill, on road and off-road. I did it for fun, enjoyment and because I love finding and cycling on old historic tracks in places that are off the beaten track. Sharing the experience with good friends is a bonus. There is another big plus – healthologists* (OK, I made that name up ) say every hour you cycle adds an hour to your life.
*Researchers at the University of Utrecht say that Dutch cyclists live longer than people who do not cycle. People in the Netherlands cycle an average of 74 minutes per week but with 37,000 km of dedicated flat cycle lanes, this is no wonder. In the UK  Some local authorities have policies and public realm designers who get the message and plan for cycling but lots of authorities are still planning for cars. South East Northumberland is getting there slowly but the rest of county only gets words and token gestures although the whisper is this will change (if we live long enough). To find out how to live longer, start at the top again.

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