Edible Hexham 2015

Edible Hexham :  As the season draws to a close many thanks are due to the stalwart few who maintain the various planters and beds around Hexham. They have looked ( and tasted !) good all year and we have had many favourable comments by visitors and locals alike.
We are now making plans for 2016 so if anyone has ideas for new areas to plant, or would like to help in any way then please get in touch – we need you !  We already have several areas in mind and a generous grant to share with other food related projects. We need people to plant and maintain small areas and also to help publicise our work – one of our aims is to show how easy it is to grow your own food and to think about buying local produce before dashing to the supermarket.
For a full report on the years activities please see minutes of the latest meeting attached below.
To volunteer in any way please email Sue or Rosemary at info@transitiontynedale.org.

2 thoughts on “Edible Hexham 2015

  1. Hi Sue
    Your post should read “think about buying local produce from Go Local before dashing to the supermarket.”
    Go local employs a Grower (Not a gardener, its about production not looks) and during the Hungry gap buys in Local produce from local growers. Thy also produce eggs, Herbs, Jams other homemade products, are a outlet for the local enterprise bakery for organic bread, outlet for Hoggits , (sheep1i year old), and a Suma buying group. You pay a monthly subscription but do not have to do any work. Go Local offered in the past to grow plants for edible hexham which would support this vital low carbon social enterprise production unit.

  2. Yes – you are right . Go Local are an excellent example of a local producer but I also wanted to include others at the Farmers Market etc. There are others as well as Go Local.!

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