Fracking Hell!!

The fracking application in Ryedale is crucial in the fight against Fracking.

The list below is the reasons why the Fracking industry is backing this application.

The site already has a conventional gas well.

A drilling rig was present on the site only 2 years ago.

ground water boreholes have already been drilled .

The pipework for removal of the gas is already on site.

Low population area.

Tory lead Unitary planning Authority.

The MP has given his blessing!!!. to fracking. (i wonder if Opperman has whipped him).

The North Yorks Park to the north have already given permission for a conventional gas well and a 37 km pipeline in the national park.

Third energy has told the MP that there will be up to 950 wells in the area within 5 years. the MP informed Parliament in a speech recorded in Hansard.

The application is the first to include testing and PRODUCTION.

You think this will not happen in Hexham, The Hexham area is to be included in a bidding round in 2 to 4 years time. If this application is approved then a rash of applications will appear and the Licensing rounds may be advanced.

Please object using the link below only a few days left.

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