Electric Bikes in Hexham

Electric Bikes have now arrived in Hexham! Green Energy Cycles, a sub division of The Centre for Green Energy, has recently opened in July offering alternative transport systems to the Tyne Valley. An electric bike is similar to a push bike yet has an electric motor and battery attached which helps push you along (for up to 200km on one charge). These bikes allow steep hills to be tackled with ease, trailers to be pulled and headwinds to be tackled, with a range of bikes from city cruisers to mountain monsters. Even those who currently love their pushbike may be suited to them; one can take various perspectives when assessing them. Some would say ‘that’s for lazy riders’ others understand that instead of X effort getting you 5 miles of travel, X effort with an e-bike could get you 35 miles, for example. Green Energy Cycles stock Go Cycle, KTM and Raleigh bikes so far and are offering free test rides and hires to the public. If you are interested, please pop along to the showroom on Anick Road – and you will be able to have a go. They really are great fun!

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