Hexham Neighbourhood Plan 7:00pm, 22 April, Great Hall, Hexham Abbey.

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

The Hexham Neighbourhood Plan (HNP) will serve the Hexham community by:
•providing residents and businesses with a vehicle for collaboration and engagement on the future of the town (its spatial development),
•working within the planning framework established by the NCC’s Core Strategy (Local Plan) to add definition and detail relevant to Hexham’s character and future development,
•researching and documenting the needs, desires and ambitions of local people and businesses in respect of Hexham’s built, natural and historic environment and the opportunities it offers for people’s homes, employment and leisure,
•presenting in an accessible way the resulting plan, policies and policy conditions that will have statutory force and will place the principles of the town’s spatial development (town planning) in the hands of the local community.

The Hexham Neighbourhood Plan will be an opportunity for the community to express pride in the town, its heritage and special character, and build on these in a sustainable way that will improve the quality of life for residents and secure the town’s longer-term commercial vitality.

It can cover many issues, from green spaces to shop fronts, from housing for local people to the location of new businesses. It can allocate land for development and it can protect land from development.

Once adopted, the Hexham Neighbourhood Plan will contain planning policies and site allocations which will be used by County Council planning officers when making decisions on planning applications in Hexham Parish.

This means we have a unique opportunity to ensure that decisions made in Hexham truly reflect the ambitions and needs of local residents and businesses. Neighbourhood Plans are community led documents and as many representatives of the local community as possible must be involved.

There will be public meetings prior to its full approval so now is your chance to HAVE YOUR SAY AND INFLUENCE THE FUTURE OF HEXHAM… the first meeting is on the 22nd April, 7 pm in the Great hall, Hexham Abbey


fOR MORE INFO SEE: http://www.hexhamneighbourhoodplan.co.uk/

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