The cycling millions

In 2014 Deputy PM Nick Clegg promised £214m funding for cycling with £114m for eight English cities and a further £100m to spend over six years on roads by the Highways Agency.

He said ….. “a revolution in cycling for everyone. The rewards could be massive. Billions of pounds in savings for the NHS, less pollution and congestion and a happier safer population”.

The UK’s cycling population has hit approaching to 9 million (8.7 to be accurate) making cycling the third most participated sport in the UK behind swimming and running [Source: Sports Marketing Surveys Inc].

4 thoughts on “The cycling millions

  1. It could but NCC would have to apply for it. The justifications for investing in cycling in Tynedale have been well presented but NCC Highways go at their pace and do or don’t do things as they see fit.

    1. Correct and I’m reliably informed its because they set out a strategy with deliverable / justifiable actions and applied for the funding.

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