Living healthy living

There are three pieces of good news regarding health in 2015.

1.The respected medical journal the Lancet reports that life expectancy has increased by about 6 years. CVD (cardiovascular and circulatory diseases) remains a key cause of death in Europe but there is evidence that things can turn around.

2. A shift to active travel and public transport can yield immediate health and environmental benefits, much greater than those achievable by focusing only on improving air quality and the local environment through greater fuel and vehicle efficiencies.

3. The 1st International Conference on Transport & Health will be held at UCL, London, 6-8 July 2015. This 3-day conference is for policy-makers, practitioners and academics from multiple disciplines involved with transport planning and engineering, public health, urban planning, spatial and architectural design, environmental planning and economics.

Sadly, only the converted will continue to walk the talk.

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