Suitable films for the TT “Ourscreen” viewing.

I offered at the TT meeting to search for suitable films for the TT “Ourscreen” viewing.

Some suggested films from Transition Network can be found at :

Any comments welcome to refine the list to a few which could be put to the core group.

Suggested viewings so far:


Trashed                             4

The future of hope          1

Moo Man                          2

Bike City                           2

Home                                4

8 thoughts on “Suitable films for the TT “Ourscreen” viewing.

  1. I’ll be happy to watch any of the films (hoping I’ll be in the country and in Hexham on screening day). Think this is a great idea and well done to all those organising.

    I vote for HOME …

    (1) It’s about the big picture (hehe, pun acknowledged!), so it should appeal to everyone, whether they are more interested in food, more into transport, more into energy etc. Plus, it’s always great for us to be reminded of the big picture (sorry, now I’ve spotted the pun I need to reuse it)
    (2) It’s visually stunning and so well worth seeing on a big screen (some of the other films look like they’d be equally impactful on small or big screen)
    (3) It has some very famous names associated with it, which should help with general appeal and advertising (if the visually stunning aspect doesn’t do that already!)

  2. Just to let you know I have contacted The Forum Cinema on the 22nd Jan to find out how we can view films under the Ourscreen film offer, which are unlisted. Below is their reply:

    I have been in contact with Ourscreen and they will contact the film distributors. Thanks for your help with this!

  3. I vote for Home and Moo Man. Home would benefit from being shown on the big screen and will have more of an impact consequently. Moo Man looks funny. Also it’s rare to get a film that concentrates on the bond between man and beast. Hope that helps. Tim

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