Go Local return visit by Barbara and David Grundey

Chris and Iain from Go Local came to our TT Open Meeting to explore how we might be able to join together in promoting locally grown produce freshly harvested from the garden to local people in ‘Transition’. Iain also offered Hexham Middle School Gardeners the possibility to loan their gardening machinery and the provision of seedling plants. Edible Hexham beds and troughs could also benefit from plants supplied by Go Local.

Here we are after we had weighed or counted out our £4 members’share parsnip, onions, pachoi, salad leaves, celery, garlic, and chillies. Also available was freshly baked bread made to order and homemade preserves, duck and hens eggs. GoLocalsmiles
What a joyful visit that was! On arriving home we threw the vegetables in the soup pan, and made a wrap with the freshly cut salad leaves. Produce this fresh has an aroma and crispness quite unlike the supermarket products. David and I have joined and will be driving there on Saturday mornings the Members’ regular collection day.

Go Local have had a really good and productive season which is extended by their having ample growing space in large polytunnels which are a great asset particularly for our cool Northumberland climate. Go Local have plenty of capacity and would like to link up with Hexham people to increase their customer base. IMAG0414Find the Go Local Membership form for vegetable supply to be collected from Ovington hereGO LOCAL POSTER

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