Human Dimensions in “Transition” from Barbara Grundey

Human Dimensions in “Transition” from Barbara Grundey
After the Transition Tynedale AGM 2014 I would like to share this quote with friends and Members of Transition Tynedale which I have found helpful towards ordering my thoughts and feelings about my future role in Transition Tynedale.

“Some situations which cause pain or suffering are avoidable, so part of our learning must be to analyse the situation and see if this is such a case. If it is, we must try to prevent it happening again. But perhaps the most painful situations are those that are apparently beyond our control. Another part of our learning is to recognise that there is unfairness, uncertainty, fear, loneliness and hurt in this world; learning to accept that this is the nature of the world can, of itself, be painful.

Initially we may be able to do little, bound up in an acute, self-centred pain and grief that come through some unhappy experience, we can learn a lot about the less-well-articulated, darker sides of our personality. These darker aspects should not be ignored. Although we tend to equate evil with darkness we should remember that in the plant world roots grow in the dark. Darkness and shadow are as much a part of the natural order as light.” (S Jocelyn Burnell, 1989 from Quaker Faith & Practice)
Before the Transition Tynedale AGM 2014 all the incumbent Directors had resigned except the Treasurer and the Secretary had also signaled his intention to resign after the AGM. This was a pattern repeated from the Transition Tynedale AGM 2013 when all the incumbent except the Treasurer chose not put themselves forward for re-election. In both cases we managed to rally around amongst ourselves resolve our differences and elect new Directors and re-elect the Treasurer to serve Transition Tynedale Ltd 2015. It is never going to be easy for any of us to make a difference!

My hope is that Transition Tynedale is growing up into an effective community organisation where success is celebrated and disappointments and difficulties are shared and resolved constructively and in friendship.
Heart felt congratulations and best wishes to the newly elected Directors of Transition Tynedake Ltd. Pat Turner, Megan Payne, and Wendy Breach. You can depend upon my continued support and friendship.
Barbara Grundey

One thought on “Human Dimensions in “Transition” from Barbara Grundey

  1. Well said Barbara.! I particularly liked the thought that ‘we should remember that in the plant world roots grow in the dark. Darkness and shadow are as much a part of the natural order as light.’
    We can learn a lot from the natural world !

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